from 1998 to today

2021-2022 Wolkenlenker, Berlin

Direction, animation direction, animation for an animated short film on behalf of ZDF

2021 MotionWorks GmbH, Halle

Animation director, animation supervisor, shooting supervisor on set / special effects (animated characters) for the TV series  "Beutolomäus und die vierte Elfe"

2021 pixellusion GmbH, Köln

3D animation for advertising spot "WC Ente"

2021 telekult Film- und Medienproduktion GmbH, Berlin

Character design and animation for the arte documentary "Multitasking"

2021 VDSF, Berlin Brandenburg

2D animation, compositing, for the online commercial "Anglerprüfung online"

2020 Binery Impact GmbH, Montabaur

3D character animation for the computer game "Beam"

2020 Rothkirch Cartoon-Film GmbH, Berlin

Head of Animation, filming supervision on set / special effects (animated Characters), animation supervisor, for the feature film "Laura Stern"

2019 NFP Animation Film GmbH, Berlin

Animation supervisor for the international TV series "Sir Mouse"

2018 Rothkirch Cartoon-Film GmbH, Berlin

2D rigging supervisor, pipeline and technical supervisor animation for die TV series "Internationale Kinderlieder"

2018 Chimney, Berlin

3D character animation for the feature film "Petterson und Findus 3"

2017 Motionworks, Halle / Berlin

Animation supervisor for the TV series "Beutolomäus und der wahre Weihnachtsmann"

2016 Hahn Film, Berlin

Insert animation for the TV series "Mia and me"

2015 Cartoon Film, Berlin

Animation of "Diddl Maus" for the Zoobe-App

2015 Ambient Entertainment, Hannover & Cartoon Film, Berlin

3D character animation for the feature film "Happy Family"

2014 MotionWorks GmbH, Halle

Creating 3D animations / 2D digital animation and compositing background for the ARD / ZDF TV series "KiKaninchen"

Creating and animating 3D effects for the movie "Mullewapp 2"

Technical Supervision / 3D Generalist of Super RTL and Euro Disney production "Toggolino"

2014 Studio 88 Werbe- und Trickfilm GmbH, Baden Baden

Clean Up of rough layouts for the movie "Der kleine Rabe Socke 2"

2014 Animationsfabrik GmbH, Hamburg

Lighting and Rendering Artist for the Universal film "der 7bte Zwerg" by Otto Waalkes

2012 Cartoonfilm, Berlin

Characterprop Rigging technical Supervisor for the movie "Keinohrhase"

2012 Digitrick, Potsdam

Characterdeveloper, 2D-Characteranimator, Effectanimator, Compositing Artist and technical Supervisor for
"Die Sendung mit der Maus" short clip "Gute Nacht, Carola" by the children's book by Kurt Kroemer

2011-2012 DJH, Detmold

Consultant and coach of training courses and workshops of animation program "Trickreich in die Zukunft"

2011-2012 24-1 Motionpictures, Düsseldorf

llustrator, Character Designer, 2D-3D & Effects Animator for the campaign "Bitburger Heroes"

2011 Schesch Filmkreation, Berlin

2D Effect-Animator and Effect Designer for the movie "Der Mondmann"

2010-2011 Games Academy, Berlin

Lecturer in 2D & 3D animation with ToonBoom, Maya, 3D Max und After Effects          

2010-2011 Siegersbusch Filmproduktion, Wuppertal

3D-Illustrator/Animator für eine Online- and poster campaign by "Sparkasse Wuppertal"

2010 Neomis Animation, Paris

2D-Effect animator for the movie "Titeuf - le Film"

2010 Trickfilmlounge, Berlin

2D animator and colorist for a commercial of russian company "Megaphone"

2010 Siegersbusch Filmproduktion, Wuppertal

3D Modeller / Texturer / animator for a cinema commercial "Sparkasse Wuppertal"

2009 Cartoon Film, Berlin

Prop Rigging Supervisor and Layout Checker for the movie "Lauras Stern und die Traummonster"

2009 Trickompany, Hamburg

Character Designerfor the movie "Werner - Eiskalt"

2008-2009 Kringel Medien GmbH, Köln

3D-Rigging Artist, Supervisor Rigging secondary Characters, 2D Effect Animator for the movie "Lauras Stern und der geheimnisvolle Drache Nian"

2008 Dynevo/Bayer Leverkusen, Leverkusen

3D-Illustrator for the brochure "Driver safety"

2008 Volkshochschule, Düsseldorf

lecturer for a Cinema4D 3D-Course

2008 Kreatopia Marketing, Düsseldorf

 Illustrator for "Kinderbranchenbuch" yellow page for childrens

2006-2008 Cartoon Film, Berlin

Clean up & Inbetween Artist and Effect animator for the movie "Kleiner Dodo"

2007 Hahnfilm, Berlin  &  Hybrid Animation, Berlin

Technical Supervisor (Software) for a animated clip by the company "Henkel"

2007 Glorreich Theater, Düsseldorf

Animator, Set-Designer, Character-Designer & Producer for the animated clip "Alle wollen Waltraud sehen"

2007 Media & Arts Studio, Berlin

Lecturer for a Maya 3D-Course

2006-2007 BHP Artworx, Düsseldorf

Programer for a Learn-DVD "Regime unter dem Hakenkreuz" for federal bureau for political education

2006 BHP Artworx, Düsseldorf

Character Desinger, Storyboarder, Animator for the trailer the chanel "SuperRTL" childrens program "Starkids"

2005-2006 Con Carne GmbH & Co.KG, Köln

 Illustrator, 3D-Modeller / Texturer / Animator / Lightning-Artist for Samson "das Remake" Campagne

2005 Ghost-o-one Medienproduktion, Wuppertal

3D-Animator and Programer for the video and image editing software "Fotoshow" by "Data Becker"

2005 Kringel Medien Gmbh, Köln

 Effect animator for the TV-Series "Kleiner Dodo"

2005 Serotonin Royal, Düsseldorf

Effect animator for the music clip "It´s our burden to bleed" of the group "Kaliban"

2005 Con Carne GmbH & Co. KG, Köln

Illustrator and Animator
Creating a comprehensive Aperture sets for the Black Report 2005 of the Company "Schwarzer Krauser"

2005 Animationsfabrik GmbH, Hamburg/Köln

Creating different models and textures for a clip of the company "Jägermeister"

2005 Cartoon-Film, Berlin

Animator, effects animation for "The Little Polar Bear 2"

2004-2005 Fordwerke, Köln

Design and creation of various displays and print templates for Ford and various suppliers.

2004-2005 Animationsfabrik GmbH, Hamburg/Köln

3D animator for the movie "The Little Polar Bear 2"

2004 ZDF / Atlantis Film- und Fernsehproduktion, Potsdam

3D modeller / animator, creating 3D landscapes and historic buildings. Animation of a battle path in the 3D landscape.

2004 Ghost-o-one Medienproduktion, Wuppertal

Animator, 3D modeller and animator
Creating storyboards, character designs and animation sequences. Creating 3D models / characters,, texturing and animating.
Logo design, dubbing, creating Flash animations, layout and video editing for cinema commercials.

2002 - 2003 Ufa Theater AG, Berlin

Decorator and set designer

2002 Ambient Entertainment, Hannover

Revision of the main characters of the movie "Back to Gaya"

2001-2002 Kringel Medien AG, Berlin

Animator, classic animation for the TV series "Lena und Paul"

2001-2002 Kringel Medien AG, Berlin

Animator and Clean up Artist in the 26-part WDR TV series: "The little Polar Bear"

2000-2001 Cartoon Film, Berlin

Clean up Artist for the movie "The little Polar Bear"


2003-2004 Effif, Oberhausen

European training institute for film and TV training for 2D-3D operator for film, television and multimedia.

1998-2000 Cartoon-School, Amsterdam

Training for classical animator and storyboarderr

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